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1. Write a list of the animals you saw in the film.
2. Could you explain the causes for the climate change and how they are expressed in the documentary film?
3. Write a list including all the negative consequences that are causing the climate change as shown in the film.
4. Write a list with different measures that may contribute to the defence of nature and stop the climate change.
5. What is your opinion of the film? What did you like best? What are its strenghts and weaknesses? What was your faavourite character (animal)?
6. In your opinion what was the aim or message of the film?
7. After watching the film, do you feel more aware of the future of our planet?, do you think it is worth to feel and act ecologically?
8. What do you think the following sentences means: "Think globally, act locally"?

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Anónimo dijo...

Tamara and Patricia P.
1. Elephants, lions, polar bears, whales, a white shark, jungle birds, foxes, linx, wolves, walrus, anthelopes, dolphins, gorillas.
2. The main causes are the human activities that produce CO2 which is directly sent to the atmosphere. They are critised in the film and they are expressed by showing how animals are dying because of this climate change.
3. - Ice melting in the poles is causing that some polar bears can't hunt or take the food they need to survive because they can't swim.
- Droughts in Africa are making elephants to migrate enduring long dangerous and hard triops through the savannah where there is lack of water. This is causing many elephants to die.
- High temperatures are killing plancton which is the food of the whales. So, whales are dying because they don't have enough food to survive.
4. - If humans stopped producing so much CO2, the greenhouse effect would stop and the atmosphere would recover from its damage.
- Recycling may help to reused some materials that are taken directly from nature and may contribute to restore natural environments.
- Humans must stop building in protected, natural landcapes.
5. I really enjoyed the film, I think it is very useful to make humans realise the damage they are causing to the planet. Images were quite beautiful and amazing. What I liked most was the scenery and the wonderful landscapes that were shown. I think that the images were original and unexpecting (also quite beautiful). Maybe I would change the narrator because he was kind of boring, I they had made the film more comercial, it would attract more people. Polar bears, they were so sweet! and the shark because he made spectacular jumps.
6. How climate change is affecting us and it encourages the people to start taking action.
7. - Yes, of course this film has opened my eyes and I hope that in the future I will be able to collaborate actively with some groups or taking action in my daily life.
- Yes, because we only have one planet, and if we don't take care of it, then it will disappear with all of us.
8. That, in order to improve the situation in the world, we need to start from little things such as recycling, saving water and saving energy.

Raquel e Inés dijo...

1)Polar bear,seal, a lot of kinds of birds, elephants, lions, guepard, lynx, monkeys, pinguins, dolphins, wales, jelly fish, walrus and deers.

2)The climatic change provokes the meelting of the poles an this has many consequences, such as the polar bear can die because they do not have food. This also affects to the acuatic life such as the wales because if this problem continues they can not emigrate so they would die too.
The film shows most beutiful parts of our world with the aim of make aware us about the things that we can loose.

3)The pollution that increase the temperature; desforestation; the modern society with its new technologies that causes pollution and the whole in the ozone layer.

4)The main aim is to reduce pollution so we can use public transport instead of private cars, moreover we can use renovable energy. Furthermore, to avoid deforestation we can stop cutting trees and we can plant more in order to they produce oxygen .

5)Our opinion about the film is that at the begginin it is interesting because there are very beutiful images, but at the end it is a little bit boring, because it is always the same animals. Our favourites animals are the polar bears, specially the little ones because they are lovely.

6)To make aware about what we can loose if the climatic change continues.

7)Yes,I feel more aware about the future of our planet because the film shows as in a very realistic way what is happening in the world.

8)That you must think about the problems that lead the climatic change but you must take action on your own.

Anónimo dijo...

Lidia López & Jose Carlos Domínguez

1.- Polar bears, foxes, whales, seals, walrus, gulls, elephants, lions, flamengos...

2.- The elephants had to walk for many kilometres to find water. The father polar bear died because the ice broke earlier than years before.

3.- Thd elephants had to find water. The polar bear died. The ice turn to liquid earlier. Ecosystems are changing. The animals are dying.

4.- The kyoto protocole. Don't using product that could damage the environment.

5.- I like the film very much, because it shows what happened in the real life. My favourite character was the polar bear.

6.- We can't had to damage the planet, so we have to take care about it, and do something now beacuse never is late.

7.- Yes, because now we are conscious about the environmental problems.

8.- This means that, you had to think in the hold world, but you had to take care about only on your place. If everyone does the same, the world will be a better place to live.

Anónimo dijo...

Monica Astudillo & Koral Adán

1.Bears, Foxes, Paradise Birds, Gulls, Elphants, Walrus, lions, penguins, flamingoes, sharks, whales, dolphins, antilope, wild pigs.

2. Extreme temperatures change the world dramaticaly. An increase on the temperature in summer,leads to a scarce of water. Animals die because of the lack of water.
The increase of temperature melts the poles and the polar bears die, if this continues they will be extinguished by 2030. The melting of the poles causes floods on the coast and the shrimps that are the food for lot of species will die because they need the ice to survive.

3. The poles melt, Extreme temperatures continue increasing and killing, species extiguish because of the floods that the poles melting cause. If the ozone layer countinues disappearing we will die burned.

4. The prohibition of the CFC Spays, The reduction of the emissions of CO2, reforestation,

5. We liked the film very much because it shows the reallity and the beauty of the world that we must preserve and defend.
The polar bears were spectaculllarly beautiful and it encourages us to try to save it.
The polar bear is strong enough to survive now, but if the melting of the poles continue it will die because it wouldn¡t be able to feed itself.
The paradise bird.

6. To make us realise how beautiful the earth and its animals are and to make us aware of the importance of preserving them.

7. Yes, we have realised about it. Yes.

8. If we all contribute with something we can make a difference, for example we could use more the public transport.

Anónimo dijo...

Patricia Ovejero and Macarena Urbina.
It shows how the animals have scare of food because pollution is destroying the ecosystem.
The poles melting,scare of food,the climate changes,natural catastrophes.
Don't exceed the pollution levels, to carry on the Kyoto's protocol,be more carefull.
This film is usefull to make aware people of global warming.
The polar bear is our favourite character because it's funny and it shows how they develop during the film.
Our favourite part is when the bird is dancing for the female to atrack her.
It wakeness is that is a little bit borring and it strengh is how it transmit the message.
The aim of the film is to inform us about how some animals are dying because of global changes.
Yes.It means a lot for us acting ecologically.
If you think in favour of ecology you are right.

Anónimo dijo...

--> LuCía & NuRia <--

1. Polar bear, elephants, birds, seal, tiguers, fish, jellyfish, wolf, dolphins, bears, walrus, monkeys, pinguins,

2. the human being action, in the film they talk about that the humans are the main problem for the producing of CO2 that causes the temperature changes.

3. global warming, the extreme changes of temperature,the pollution

4. pollute less, damage less the enviroment, produce less grenhouses gases,

5. We enjoyed it a lot because the plot of the filmit's really interesting for us.
The most interesting part of the film is when they explained the radical changes of temperature.
The wort aspect of the film it's that sometimes it's a bit boring.
The best character for us were the polar bears and the birds.

6. That we have to take action of the global warming and if this problems goes on the wolrd will be a disaster.

7. Yes we are, we think that we have to be more careful of our planet. Yes we think it's very worthy.

8. We have to contribute all, for example all in our houses not wasting the water, or not using sprays.

Anónimo dijo...

paula,patricia andreo....4EA

1-polar bear, seals,parrots, elephants, whales, fishes, tigers, birds, monkeys, jelly fishes, sharks, gulls, wolves,foxes, lions,penguins.

2-The global warming, the human being the film they expressed like the end of the lives of some animals, like the family of polar bears.

3-The global warming, the melting of the ice before it have to, the pollution, the catching of some species that are extingued.

4-Trying not to pollute so much and not to made green houses gases, not to move by car, so use more the public transport or cars that not pollutes so much.

5-my opinion of the film is that is a very good film about the earth's problems.very interesting and that show very well the problems that the human is causing in the earth.
i like best the animals and the life of the polar bears. the birds, the penguins...
in the polar bears'family, the father have to survive and it was very complicated.
the polar bears' family.

6-to protect our planet because if we don't contribute to do it, we all going to lose every magnificent animal we have in it.

7-yes to everything.

8-by the little you do, the most bigger results you waould see.

Anónimo dijo...

1- polar bear, seals,parrots, elephants, whales, fishes, tigers, birds, monkeys, jelly fishes, sharks, gulls, wolves,foxes, lions,penguins.
2- the human being action, in the film they talk about that the humans are the main problem for the producing of CO2 that causes the temperature changes.
3- The poles melting,scare of food,the climate changes,natural catastrophes.
4- The reduction of the emissions of CO2, reforestation
5- at the beggining is interesting because there are very beutiful images, but at the end it is a little bit boring, because it is always the same animals.
6- How climate change is affecting us and it encourages the people to start taking action.
7- Yes, i have realised about it. Yes.
8- that we have to start taking care about little things and then more big things.

Anónimo dijo...

Helga López and Sara Fernandez 4ºA

1-Lions,polar bears,foxes,wolves,sharks,fish,birds,dolphins,elephants,gorillas,pinguins,linx.

2-The film shows the consequences of the human activity by the production of CO2, that the polar regions are melting, and the animal are dying.

3-The placton is desapearing because of the high temperatures; the high temperatures also melt the polar regions and there are droughts in Africa and the animal get thirsty and die.

4-We have to stop producing CO2 because if not, the green house effect would continue.

5-The film is interesting and beautifull,but also is a boring because is always the same.

6-To make us feel that the world is becoming bad, because of us.

7-Yes,because it shows us what really happened.

8-If all of us contribute with this problem,all of us will win!

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